Valentines Day Suggestions

Fantasie Shannon Bra and Panty setApparently last week’s little primer on how to best shop for lingerie was not specific enough. Requests have been pouring in for actual suggestions. While we can’t actually give anyone any kind of solid suggestion as to what might look good on their favorite lady without actually knowing her, we’re going to throw out some general suggestions of pieces that we like based on a few general body types: straight (relatively same size from top to bottom), pear shaped (small top relative to bottom), upside down pear (large top relative to the bottom), and hourglass (small mid-section relative to top and bottom). Within these body types, we’ll make suggestions based on three generalized personalities or styles: sporty, conservative and seductive.


The first body type we’ll focus on is the “straight” body type. This does not refer to sexual orientation, but rather a body type that is the same relative width from top to bottom. In other words, a body that lacks curves. Hilary Swank is a great example of a straight figure. The goal here is to make the body less angular so we’re going to avoid things that hug the body and look for pieces that have a natural flow and drape over the body. Here’s what we suggest:

Calvin Klein Fold over label PajamasSportyCalvin Klein Pajama Pants with fold down elastic logo (shown). You’ll want to pair these with an equally casual tank or camisole.

ConservativeChaslyn Victoria Camisole and Boyshort Set. This is pure silk and very elegant.

SeductiveLepel Persia Chemise, String and Eye Mask. This set is quite sheer and very dainty. Make sure she’s comfortable in her skin if you buy her this set.


The next general body type we’ll examine is commonly known as the “pear”. In this case, the woman’s body flairs out to a larger size on bottom relative to the top. Jennifer Lopez is a classic example of a pear shape. Here, we might look for something that’s decorated with ribbons or some kind of ruffled texture on top to make that area look more proportional to the bottom. We’ll also try to emphasize the curves in the hip region.

Pour Moi? St. Tropex BabydollSportyPour Moi? Orsay Spot Print Camisole with Matching Boy Short. The cups of this fun, flirty camisole are lightly gathered and decorated with a ribbon.

ConservativePoly Chiffon pin-up babydoll. This semi-sheer babydoll has ruffled trim and shaping at the waist.

SeductivePour Moi? St. Tropez Babydoll (shown). The floral print on the foam lined cups of this flyaway babydoll increase the visual proportion of the bodice, but the eyes are naturally drawn elsewhere.


Upside Down Pear

The “upside down pear” shape is clearly the opposite of the “pear” shape. In this case, the woman’s body is proportionally smaller below the waist than above the waist. Christina Ricci is a good example of the upside down pear shape. The goal here is usually to draw the eye to the breasts.

Pour Moi? Provence BasqueSportyArianne Juliette Camisole with low rise panty. This semi-sheer camisole features a shelf bra for extra breast support.

ConservativeVera Wang Unforgettable short gown. This elegant silk gown features a ribbon tie at the empire waist.

SeductivePour Moi? Provence Basque (shown). This sexy piece comes with detachable garters so don’t forget the stockings.



The “hourglass” shape is the ultimate curvy woman. Her body above the waist is roughly proportional to her body below the waist and she delicately curves inward at the waist. Jennifer Love Hewitt has a classic hourglass figure. If you’re shopping for a woman with this type of figure, you’re in luck. Just about anything will look good on her. We’ve given you a few suggestions anyway.

Vera Wang After Midnight Short GownSportyNatori Body Doubles Lace Trim Camisole with matching Boy Short. This casual cami offers a snug fit and it’s suitable to wear outside the house.

ConservativeVera Wang After Midnight Short Gown (shown). This luxurious satin gown is elegant in its simplicity.

SeductiveHanky Panky Silky Skin Nightgown. The least “showy” of our seductive suggestions, this gown carries a slightly wild vibe.


Remember that these suggestions are based on generalizations and you’re still going to have to use your noggin’ to come up with the perfect gift. Be very careful of parts that she’s especially self-conscious of. For example if you’ve got a seductive pear on your hands but she’s not happy with her own tummy, then she’s not going to feel comfortable in our suggestion. So, use your judgement and your knowledge of your favorite woman and go for it. If you’ve come this far, you’ll probably hit the nail on the head.

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