Valentine’s day gift ideas – for HER.

Here is a woman’s opinion of stuff that would be fun to open up in a little frou-frou package on a romantic day… But remember, no 2 women are alike.

Yowsa! These are beyond sexy. Be forewarned – if you’re a man who does not like to dance -  I don’t know how anyone could wear these and not want to rumba all night.

Very pretty and feminine. Sexy enough for special nights but enough coverage to wear every day. (Now…Buy 2 Bras, Get a Free Lingerie Bag…perfect all inclusive gift!)

Pretty and sexy without going overboard. These are the kind of panties that let a working woman in a suit smile on the inside knowing what she has on “under there” that others will never guess.

Just for fun! If you have some extra cash to throw around for Valentines Day, this maid’s costume is a cute option. But if not, she may be upset that you spent that hard-earned dough on something so impractical. Tread carefully, or lie about the sale price ;)

Totally hot! You can sleep in it, hang out in it, great hotel room wear, too, for a romantic getaway. This color is very IN right now and will complement almost anyone with blue eyes, but also those with very dark hair and skin tone.

These satin PJs comes in plus size with red and pink hearts all over. Love it! Also great if you are staying the night somewhere and are sure to be seen in sleepwear by someone you don’t really want to look too over the top sexy in front of (like your in- laws). Mine are light pink with black polka dots, but I don’t think they carry that print anymore. The pants are drawstring.

Just some ideas, guys! Have a great day. And don’t forget, strawberries in Cool Whip can only be dinner one night a year.

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