PR Bars and Yoga Recovery

During National Yoga Month, we feature a lot of products to make your Yoga workout more enjoyable (or just prettier). Today, let’s talk about post-workout.

Workout recovery is often a constant focus for sports teams and distance runners. If you’ve just sweated for 3 hours while exercising, don’t you need to build up on protein and vital nutrients afterwards?

But what about Yoga? A 90 minutes power class or 60 minute HOT class can leave your body in need of some TLC. Here’s some info I read on the PR Bar website:

“Recover is just as important as training; it is when all the physiological gains and adaptations from your hard work occur. Your body will adapt faster and stronger with the correct recovery nutritional support and allow you to train or race hard the next day without fatigue.”

In the land of Yoga, this is often accomplished during chavasana (corpse pose). Not only is chavasana a reflective and meditative time, it’s time for your body to gather all it has learned from your workout and process that information. But beyond chavasana, remember to treat your body well post-workout so your next workout is well supported with energy and nutrients.

“The first 30 minutes after exercise are the most important during the glycemic window. During this time your muscles are like a sponge, soaking up nutrients that are vital for muscular repair and replenishment.”

This is what PR Bars were made for. They are gluten free, 200 calorie bars packed with 15g of high quality protein and all natural ingredients. They contain no sugar alcohols, and they are kosher. The high glycemic carbs in the bars are absorbed quickly into the blood stream providing fast response fuel replenishment your muscles crave. The low glycemic carbs act as slow release fuel, supplying longer sustained fuel for your muscles until your next meal. These bars claim to control hunger for 4 hours!

I have tried PR Bars, but just a taster-size, not a whole bar. So I can not attest to whether or not they controlled my hunger, but I can tell you they taste great without tasting like candy bars. It’s a delicate balance knowing people want good flavor , but many of us who eat healthy don’t want a too-sweet or artificial taste because we’ve weaned ourselves away from that. I don’t like Clif bars or most similar products. And Luna bars are OK if you want dried fruit (they are primarily dates). But PR Bars have texture and flavor that is actually tasty! I’ve tried the chocolate peanut bar and the iced brownie bar. I have not tried their granola bar, but I would love to! The chocolate peanut is not a candy-coated confection like the Snickers Marathon bar. These bars claim to be more properly balanced. The appropriate ratio of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats will stabilize blood sugars, control insulin levels, and increase the production of the hormone glucagon, which increases your body’s ability to use stored sugars and access body fats that are then burned for energy. They also provide a Fastburn Nutrition Program if you are looking to burn fat. They are consulting with the U.S. Olympic Committee on the development of Team USA Bars, with proceeds supporting the US Olympic & Paralympic athletes.

Aside from noshing, another recovery treat I use is great socks. After a barefoot yoga class, I usually like to put on cozy socks. It’s probably just a silly habit, but I found 2 pair that I love!

The first is a Dansko ankle sock with Coolmax built in. They are made of light-weight, moisture-wicking materials that are built for support where you need it most. Coolmax was originally designed for professional cyclists, so the yarn is soft while providing wicking proeprties. Mine are a crazy safari print with red trim. (40%  off here!) Usually no one sees them inside my black leather Frye boots.

The other pair of socks I like to wear after yoga, I also like to wear on plane rides and road trips – days when I dress comfy-cozy. They are super fun socks – with blue and green stripes and individual toe spaces – so my teenage daughter keeps stealing them from my drawer. (Seriously, if you ever don’t know what to get a teenage girl as a gift, toe socks and knee socks are very in right now.) They are made by Injinji and they also have Coolmax in them. The individual toe socks are great for Yogis! Being able to spread your toes wide helps with balancing poses. Wearing toe socks helps you spread your toes, and also helps massage and relax the skin around the side of toes to help with recovery post-Yoga class. The CoolMax in these socks is EcoMade, which uses recycled plastic bottles and postindustrial scraps for a moisture wicking, breathable, durable fiber that has a much lighter impact on the environment. I’m sure somewhere these are great for playing in the snow, but I’m in Florida, so I forget what that’s like!

Enjoy your Yoga practice, and remember to let the benefits effect the rest of your day as well. The same calm mind you can have during Yoga is within you during every other part of your day. Being able to tap into this is the best benefit a great workout can bring!

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