Niche Shopping

Some gifts you might not think of ~ for those people you can figure out what to buy for:

mobigripGot a techie in your life? Who doesn’t know someone who ALWAYS has an ipod or cell in their hands… Here is the gift they don’t even know they want yet – the Mobigrip. It’s a device leash. Stick it on your mobile device (it’s just a bit of strong, double-sticky tape), and slip your finger through the loop. Can’t drop your phone! Even if you are out running and your hands get sweaty. Or if you are roller blading with your ipod. You get the picture. Cheap enough to order a bunch as stocking stuffers! Great for the hard-to-shop-for tween crowd!

humidGot friends from New Orleans? Or Mardi Gras enthusiasts? If they wear beads and love drive-through daiquiri joints – this is for them. T-shirts and tote bags with a NOLA theme. (That stands for New Orleans, Louisiana, duh!) We love the Fleur De Lis Messenger Bag (hint).

runshirt Runners are creeping up everywhere these days. Even I’ve been known to put in 3 miles every now and then. Funny, but nice tech-material running shirts are often only found at running expos. So if you are NOT a runner and don’t hit those expos, shop for a runner friend at We like “Running is good for you and your fat ass” and “Leave it all on the course” (in silver, ladies size medium…) Great for high school cross country runners in your life too. For anyone who loves to work out, cute headbands with sayings are in. These wick away sweat and keep your headphones in.Even the boys wear headbands these days!

When buying for little girls, Dress Up clothes last for years! My girls used their’s from ages 4-10. And still dig through them at Halloween and for school skits. One year an aunt gave a Cinderella dress and Santa brought the glass slippers. Here’s a pretty set: Cinderella Princess Dress-up Costume with Glass Slipper Necklace.

wearyourmusicMusic lovers may love iTunes gift cards, but here is something a bit more unique and personal – bracelets made from guitar strings from wear your! Some are made from guitar strings donated by celebrity musicians to raise money for charity. Some are just for fashion and fun.

Enjoy your holiday shopping. It’s meant to make you stop and think about each person on your list, not to make you pull your hair out. Hopefully someone out there is thinking about you too.

(I was not paid to write this post.)

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