Lingerie for Valentine’s Day

Ballet Anais Camisole97% of statistics you find are made up, so here are a few that I just made up:

  • 10% of the people reading this are men.
  • About 55% of those men will be buying some sort of Valentine’s Day present.
  • 80% of that group have thought about purchasing lingerie.
  • Of those 80% who have thought about purchasing lingerie for their favorite lady, 75% will chicken out, 1% will do it right and the rest will f*ck it up.

Here’s how to steer through these dangerous waters and be a hero.

When it’s appropriate

No Lingerie for the TeacherIn today’s society, many people tend to buy Valentine’s Day gifts for a multitude of people – not just their “sweetheart”. So, it’s never appropriate to buy lingerie for the following people:

1) Teacher

2) Babysitter

3) Sister in Law

4) Mother in Law

Let’s just say you might want to be romantically involved with the person for whom you’re purchasing the lingerie. Still, there’s a line in the sand here too. A lot of guys aren’t sure when it’s appropriate to purchase lingerie as a gift for their girlfriend.

Mary Green camisoleThink about it this way. You’ve been on a few dates and you’re sitting at dinner and suddenly she starts talking about engagement rings. That may freak you out. That type of behavior may cause you to withdraw from the situation – perhaps with some element of haste. If you present her with lingerie too soon in a relationship, you may just see her do the same thing and if you’re getting her lingerie, that’s probably the opposite of the reaction you’re looking for.

So, when is a good time?

  • If you’ve seen her in lingerie and she knows you’ve seen her in lingerie, then it’s probably okay to buy her lingerie.
  • If you’re already engaging in activities that lingerie is often used to elicit, then it’s probably okay to buy her lingerie.
  • If you’re married to each other, it’s okay to buy her lingerie.

What to Buy

I’ll assume that if you’re still reading, you’ve established that lingerie is an appropriate gift. So, now it’s time to do it correctly. The biggest mistake that most guys make is that they buy something that they like and not something that she likes. Here’s a hint:

If she doesn’t like it, she won’t wear it. Whatever you buy, you’ll like it a lot better on her than you will in a drawer, so buy her something she likes.

How do you know what she likes?

Elle MacPherson Boudoir BabydollStep 1: Start with her personality. Is she a tomboy? Get her something sporty. Is she a princess? Get her something elegant.

Step 2: Check out her body type. If she has an hourglass figure, she’ll look great in anything. If she’s small on top, find something that emphasizes her hips and legs (a babydoll perhaps). Most importantly, think about the part of her body that she likes best. Buy something that emphasizes that part and de-emphasizes those of which she is not so proud.

Step 3: Look at what she buys herself. Are her panties satin or lace? Full coverage or thong? Leopard print or solid colored? What does she wear around the house? What does she wear when she’s got an important meeting?

Step 4: Get her the right size. If you can actually swing getting her a professional fitting without tipping her off, then go for it (because chances are that she’s not buying herself the right size). Otherwise, take a quick moment to gently sift through her drawer and figure out what size she’s wearing now. You’ll want to know her dress size (6, 8, 10, 12, etc), her bra size (32C, 36D, etc), and her panty size (sometimes numbers, sometimes S-M-L). With these three sizes, you should be able to accurately purchase any piece of lingerie. This is extremely important. Buy her something too big and she’ll be offended. Buy her something too small and she’ll be depressed that she can’t fit into the pretty gift you’ve given her.

Step 5 : Buy something quality. Don’t go cheap. High quality lingerie is more comfortable and lasts longer than inferior lingerie. Like anything else, she’ll know that a name brand like Oscar de la Renta or Vera Wang is a more elegant selection than something from Fruit of the Loom.

Done correctly, the above steps will show that you’ve spent some time thinking about her. You’ll have purchased a quality garment that fits, is perfect for her body and that she loves. You’ll demonstrate that you know her well and that you’ve been paying attention to her. She’ll probably even feel guilty for giving you some stupid trinket… and isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about?

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