Lingerie for the Holidays – 5 gift ideas

Cinema Etoile Holiday setIf you’re a guy and you’ve been thinking about buying something for your girlfriend, wife, mistress, or all of the above this holiday season, I’ve got some troubling news. Christmas is less than two weeks away. This is what we guys like to call “crunch time”. You’re down by 6 with less than 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter and you’ve got no time outs. A mere kick from the 35 yard line won’t do. You’ve got to take this one to the house.

Don’t worry, though. Like Tom Brady, you’ve got a lot of wonderful options, all of which have the potential to bring cheers from your adoring fan. You’ll need to quickly analyze the defense to see which option will bring the rave reviews. Will it be your running back, fullback, the tight end, the wide receiver, or will you keep all the glory for yourself?

Here’s my expert analysis of your five options:

Oscar de la Renta Romantic Roses1) The running back is your old standby and you can almost never go wrong handing him the ball. Likewise, something pretty, comfortable, not too revealing and made by Oscar de la Renta is almost always sure to be well received. In this case, I recommend the Oscar de la Renta Romantic Roses Chemise. It’s got a lovely rose print, a deep V neck with a velvet bow, and a self tie bow in the rear for a fitted shape – no matter what her shape. She’ll love wearing it and you certainly won’t complain when she does.

Liza Long robe2) Your wide receivers might be considered a little “soft” sometimes, but usually the quickest way to score is to go long. That’s why the elegant Liza Long robe will serve you well in your quest for holiday glory. It’s 100% pure silk, unbelievably soft, and extraordinarily luxurious. It’s sexy in a sophisticated way and it works well for a romantic evening or a laid back weekend. You can be sure she’ll look great wearing it and you won’t have to be embarrassed when she opens it in front of grandma either. When she shows it off, you may just be the hero of the whole family.

Arlotta Cashmere hoodie3) Sometimes, the game is won by wrestling around in the trenches and that’s where the fullback is in his prime. If you and the lady like to have a playful wrestle every so often, then the Arlotta cashemere hoodie and lounge pants are the perfect gift. Few things are as soft as cashmere, and the laid back look will ensure that she’ll be wearing this set almost every weekend. You’ll both love the way it feels on her, and maybe she’ll even hang out on the couch watching the game with you.

Cosabella Holiday Gift Thongs4) Your tight end has many different moods. Sometimes he’s down-and-dirty in the trenches. Other times, he’s outrunning a linebacker to grab a long pass. He’s ever changing and versatile, just like the lady in your life. Nothing looks better on a “tight end” than Cosabella’s holiday gift set of mood swing thongs. The set of four minimal coverage thongs feature fun prints and contrasting lace trim. They come in a great gift box containing one each of four different colored thongs for each of her prominent moods – “naughty”, “nice”, “sugar” and “spice”.

Palentine Panty5) Sometimes the best option is to be selfish and take matters into your own hands. If that’s the route you want to go, try the Aubade Palentine demi bra and string thong set. Once you see her wearing it, you’ll both know that this is as much a gift for you as it is for her. The half cup of the demi bra is low cut and form fitting. Elegant Chantilly lace adorns the top of the cups and climbs like a vine up the velvet straps. A wide band of Chantilly lace decorated with a velvet ribbon stretches from the sides to the front of the low rise thong. This set is all about sexy, so make sure you let her know how sexy she is.


One of these five options should have you well on your way to a truly heroic holiday season. Just remember, that not every option is right for every woman. Just as a good quarterback needs to know the defense he’s up against, you need to know the desires and personality of the lady in your life to choose the best option for her. Good luck!

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