Buying lingerie – the men’s guide – a woman’s comments…

Jeff wrote recently about shopping for a lady’s gift of lingerie.

Here are my 2 cents…

Talk to the salesladies at the store. They are trained to help clueless guys (ha ha). Seriously, they are trained to help search for the right size. I ask to be measured every time I go in to shop for a bra. Don’t let them intimidate you. and, as Jeff found out, they won’t think you’re really shopping for yourself for drag night! If you mention your lady’s dress size and panty size, they’ll KNOW it’s not your size!

Good luck, men, with your hunt for a hot gift – and good luck, ladies, getting something fun to wear under there!

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  1. Jeff says:

    Sometimes I think the lingerie store ladies are as bad with men as used car salesmen are with women. They’ll try to smooth talk you into anything. Thyat’s why I prefer to shop online. Be strong guys. Know your stuff and dont’ let them talk you into anything.

  2. lingerie says:

    Great post as usual, long time lurker here, first comment! Thanks for the great blog.

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