About Intimate Guide

The Intimate Guide is a casual conversation about what to wear — under there.

Authors Jeff and Rachel have been married over 13 years. While conversations may stray from panties, to thigh highs, to bras… topics will remain of an intimate nature about products people buy, not about body parts or sexual descriptions. We give honest reviews about what we have bought, tried, seen, felt, read about, heard of, or have been told by a friend. We do accept products for review from brands and public relations representatives. Receipt of a product does not constitute a contract for a published review of the product. Reviews are done based on honest assessments of the products.

ABOUT RACHEL: Female, 30′s, dress size 6, bra size 34-D. Likes underwire lined bras, satin, velvet, purple. Email: rachel at intimateguide.com or follower her on Twitter.com/intimateguide.

ABOUT JEFF: Male, 30′s, 5’10″, waist size 30, athletic and slim. Likes boxer briefs (for himself) and pushup bras and thigh highs (on women). Email: Jeff at intimateguide.com.

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To get our readers viewing YOU, contact redsixes.com.

Our site features helpful articles so that readers may learn answers to questions they were too shy to ask.

In September we feature activewear for National Yoga Month, and in October we focus on National Pajama Month and Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Please enjoy and comment responsibly! Thanks for visiting!

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